Victoria Yin and Zoe Yin were born in Boston, Massachusetts. Their mother, Yuemao Xu, is a real estate developer. Their father Dr. Yizhong Yin, is a biomedical scientist and businessman.

Victoria Yin

Victoria began drawing before she could walk. By the time she turned two, her geometric drawings astonished her pre-school teachers. She began telling stories through her artworks when she was three. At the age of six, she skipped to elementary grade III, and wrote and illustrated her first book "Rhyming is Fun". By 10, her surrealistic art works were collected in North America, Asia, and Europe. She was called a "prodigy" by the media.

When she was 12, Victoria was invited by the China Cultural Ministry, China Arts and Entertainment Group to hold a joint art exhibition with her sister, Zoe Yin (who was then eight years old ) at the World Art Museum in Beijing, China. A book with a collection of both sisters' works "Art World Child Prodigy Siblings - Victoria Yin, Zoe Yin" was published in English and Chinese in 2011.

Victoria's multifaceted gifts extended to painting, poetry, songwriting, music, and all school subjects. A brilliant and prolific poet, her poem book "A Mind's Journey: age 7 to 15" was published in 2013 by Xinhua Publishing House, a prestigious publishing house in China.

Victoria painted live in front of a worldwide audience on CCTV’s broadcasting program, Crossover and her story is documented in PRODIGIES, a THNKRtv series initiated by Google, showcasing the worlds’ youngest and brightest talents.

She was interviewed by Boston WCVB-TV Chronicle, China Central TV, China Education TV, Cleveland WCPN radio.

At 16, Yin began attending Brown University as a college freshman.

Zoe Yin

Compared with masters like Matisse and Picasso by art insiders and collectors at the mere age eight, Zoe Yin is a rare prodigy in the art world.

Zoe began drawing when she was one year old. When she was four, her artistic gift had already manifested itself upon her acrylic paintings on canvas. She became a member of Andover Artist Guild and exhibited at the 33rd Andover Art in the Park Event among over 100 adult artists across the New England states, and sold her first acrylic painting at six. When she was eight, Zoe broke another record and became the youngest artist to participate at the International Art Expo New York. The previous record was set by her old sister, Victoria Yin, at age 10. The International Art Expo New York has hosted many of the 20th century giants in the world of art including Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and Erte. On the 32nd International Art Expo's opening day Media Alert, Zoe was featured as an "eight year old prodigy whose work is reminiscent of Matisse and Rembrandt". Her art and story as "A Rising Star, Zoe Yin, 8 Year Old" was in the Artist Highlights in the Art Expo Magazine. Zoe became a sensation on the Expo show floor.

At age eight, the National Association for Gifted Education and the Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education awarded Zoe their prestigious Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award and Scholarship -- a prize given each year to only one outstanding student in each state. Zoe was the youngest student to be awarded. In receiving this honor, she followed her sister's footsteps, as Victoria won the same award when she was nine. It was an unprecedented event for the two siblings to be given the prize, which underscores the depth of talent the two sisters share.

By the time Zoe was nine, she had gallery representations across America and China, including Ohio (Trvlart and O gallery), New York City (Lumen Gallery), California (Imaginarts), Massachusetts (Global Publishing Boston), and New Hampshire (Gallery at Well Sweep). Zoe's art was on public exhibition at the famous Beck Center for the Arts in Cleveland, Ohio. She has been the subject of articles in local and regional newspapers, national magazines, and was interviewed live with WCPN radio in Ohio.

Zoe's museum exhibition "Strokes of Genius--Exhibition by the Art World Child Prodigy Siblings Victoria Yin. Zoe Yin" was hosted by the China Cultural Ministry, China Arts and Entertainment Group at the World Art Museum, Beijing China when she was 10. The show astonished the art world in China. The siblings were hailed as prodigies by the media. Zoe was interviewed by CHINA EDUCATION TV Famous Arts and Artists, CCTV (China Central TV) Cultural Express, CCTV world wide broadcasting program Crossover, and painted live in front of the worldwide TV audience. She was also interviewed by Boston WCVB-TV Chronicle.

Zoe's story was documented in two episodes of PRODIGIES, "Young Prodigies Dazzle The Art World" and "Art Prodigy Compared to Matisse" when she was 11. (PRODIGIES is a bi-weekly series from THNKRtv, initiated by Google, showing the youngest and brightest talents).